The Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray

The Optimized Woman in Business

“A revolutionary new approach for women in business”

'The Optimized Woman' is for the 21st-century go-getting business woman who wants to create business and career success and achievement but wants to stay female!

Wherever there are women in the workplace, there is the menstrual cycle!

The menstrual cycle plays a massively important part in the business world, whether we recognise it or not.

Look at your colleagues, your boss, your CEO or President and if she is under 55 the chances are she has a menstrual cycle.


The menstrual cycle in business


What does this mean?It means that she has days during the month where she is more productive and effective at particular skills and ways of thinking. Unfortunately the reason that so many women don’t apply these abilities is that they are seen as inconsistent in a linear thinking orientated business world. Rather than focusing on achieving a consistent ‘average’ level, women have the ability to excel beyond expectations when they learn that they have a cycle of brilliance. It just takes awareness and a little bit of planning and flexibility.

As a woman who first started her own business in her early 20s and who now runs a multimedia company, I am well aware of how the menstrual cycle has a positive part to play in business. When I look around at the businesses my work takes me into I see little awareness or recognition of this fact, and yet this is where the revolution needs to start – on the shop floor, in the board room, in customer services, in HR, in the meeting room, in the office, in the business plan, in the interview, in the home business, in the SME, in the multi national corporation, and in work practice.

Whether women wish to start their own business, progress in their careers, create success, achieve their goals or simply find fulfilment and well-being, the menstrual cycle is an empowering force!


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