The Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray


More secret powers...

What if you knew how to...

  • increase your self-confidence and self-acceptance?
  • tune in to your femininity to create feelings of well-being and happiness throughout the whole month?
  • turn your PMS and menstrual time into something positive and life enhancing?
  • achieve what you want in life in a uniquely female and stress-free way?
  • access your wonderful creative and inspirational powers?
  • release your full potential?
  • understand your needs and fulfill them easily?


  • how to optimise your everyday life to make the most of these amazing gifts of your menstrual cycle?

It would be pretty good, wouldn't it?!

The Optimized Woman by Miranda GrayThe Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray will change how you view your cycle, live your life and how you create a happy and fulfilled life!

For the modern woman who wants to create success and achievement in her work life, projects and goals, and to create personal fulfilment and well-being, in a uniquely female manner.

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Discover the cyclic powers of women ....

Red Moon - Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle

By Miranda Gray

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A note from the author:

I have often been asked at talks and workshops ‘Why do we have the menstrual cycle? What good is it if I have had my children and don’t want any more?’ or ‘What good is the menstrual cycle if I don’t want children?’

Red Moon byu Miranda GrayRed Moon was written out of my own quest to understand the creative changes which I experienced during the month. Sharing my experiences with other women, it became very obvious to me that the menstrual cycle wasn’t just an inconvenience which occurred once a month but a powerful creative, sexual and spiritual force in women’s lives.

To answer the questions above we have to re-frame how we think of ourselves. With my interest in folklore and mythology I looked to stories to see if I could find any archetypal images of woman which reflected the experiences during the month and perhaps suggested a long dead wisdom about the changing nature of women. In children’s stories, folklore and legends I found four images of the ‘Cyclic Woman’ - four images representing our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual energies as they are expressed through the four phases of the menstrual cycle: menstruation, pre-ovulation, ovulation and pre-menstruation. Suddenly we can change the way we perceive ourselves; no longer as linear beings expecting to be the same person and having the same abilities and mental and emotional approaches from week to week, but as cyclic beings aware that we flow from different energies, abilities and characteristics as our cycle changes throughout the month.

Red Moon introduces you to the four phases of the menstrual cycle through images from myth and legend and then, with the help of the ‘Moon Dial’, guides you to discovering the unique energies which lie in your own cycle. Understanding our individual cycles and expressing the creative/sexual/spiritual energies as they arise in the form they naturally take brings the freedom to realise our full potential.

My hope is that in reading Red Moon you will come to love your cycle as a wonderful gift of shining oportunities and abilities which enriches not just your life and those of your close relationships but the community and society surrounding you. The creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of our cycles are only promises unless we take action and express them in everyday life!

Miranda Gray


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