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Why the menstrual cycle and women's well-being and relationships?
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Valentine’s Day and the menstrual cycle

Okay, not words you would normally put together in a sentence!

However, how we feel romantically and sexually does vary with our menstrual cycle. How sociable, empathic, loving and caring we feel also changes from phase to phase, and our needs and priorities alter throughout the month. As I've outlined in my books and courses, it can be useful to look at our menstrual cycle as consisting of four phases, each with its own needs, desires, strengths and optimum abilities. How we will respond to the romantic meal for two, the diamond ring, the card and flowers, the date out, all depend on which phase we are experiencing on the day.

So if we are in our pre-ovulation or Action phase, what are our needs, and how are we likely to react to the romantic meal for two? In our Action phase we tend to feel more sociable, more confident and self-assured and will respond well to being taken out. An active evening doing something or going somewhere with a group of other people really meets the needs of this phase. The quiet, intimate, romantic meal for two however can feel stagnant and become boring, whereas a meal with a group of friends and a late night out can feel fantastic.

The romantic meal for two in a quiet restaurant with flowers, champagne and chocolates, is however what the ovulation or Heart phase is all about. In our Heart phase we are more caring and loving, more able to listen and to feel empathic. Our need to do things is replaced by a need to love and to meet other people’s needs, and we are the ideal romantic date; attentive, caring, gentle and loving - and the more romantic the gestures the better! We may also be more willing to say ‘yes’ to anything suggested, including the diamond ring!

The pre-menstrual or Subconscious phase can be difficult at the best of times. Whatever we get - flowers, card, meal out etc. - can become either the focus of critical relationship analysis and ‘helpful’ suggestions on how our partner could do or be ‘better’, or the focus on what is wrong with ourselves and why we don’t ever get what we want. The romantic meal for two has a real potential to be a time-bomb, but at least it’s in public so you can’t shout. The solution is a meal in which we have control of when and where and what after. We need to tell our partner what we want from them - romance and gentleness, strength and passion, sex, or a film on the TV. It’s our choice to make the evening everything we desire.

Finally the menstrual or Soul phase is the phase where we tend to want to stop and withdraw from people. We can be more gentle and loving in comparison to the Subconscious phase, but we are more likely to want to sleep rather than ‘do’ anything. A home-cooked, quiet, romantic meal and an early night meets the needs of this phase and feels wonderful!

So how do we make sure that Valentine’s Day goes well?

Check out the diary, count the days – where day 1 is our first day of menstruation - and work out our phase.

  • Action phase: Days 7 – 13
  • Heart phase: Days 14 – 20
  • Subconscious phase: Days 21 – 28
  • Soul phase: days 1 – 6

Then drop some not-so-subtle hints about what you’d like to do. We have to give our partners the chance to get it right, and at the end of the day we want a great evening

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