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Why the menstrual cycle and women's well-being and relationships?
The Optimized Woman


The Optimized Woman by Miranda gray

The Optimized Woman
Using the menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment. By Miranda Gray

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Create a new and positive 'cyclic' self-image

How to create an empowering cyclic self-image which encompasses the positive powers of our menstrual cycles.

Living a cyclic life in tune with the phases of our menstrual cycles can be a big challenge. We can easily get caught up in other people’s expectations of what we can and should do, their deadlines, and in society’s view of what women should be like and what they want us to be like.

And we can be so trapped in our heads that we lose touch with our body and with the amazing abilities our menstrual cycles offer in each phase.

We often force ourselves through the declining physical energies of the pre-menstrual and menstrual phases with extra strong espresso and wonder why we are irritable and frustrated. We ignore the gentle promptings from our subconscious about what each phase needs, and amazingly we ignore these messages even when they come wrapped in intense and disruptive thoughts and emotions in the pre-menstrual phase!

With everything around us reinforcing our internal mental image of ourselves as linear we need to find some way of reminding ourselves of our cyclic self, of which phase we are in, and of the wonderful skills and abilities that are heightened in that phase.

We need to overwrite the single linear self-image we have (thanks to society) and birth a new one which contains four positive and empowering phase-related self images. We also need to remind ourselves of these self-images, so that when the going gets tough and we forget who we are we are reminded that beneath the stress, the tiredness, the expectations and responsibilities we are the beautiful and powerful embodiment of womanhood expressed through the phase we are currently experiencing.

How do we convert our linear self-image into an image of a cyclic woman?

We can use our imagination, belief and feelings to create a new internal self-image for each phase and to remind ourselves within each phase that this beautiful self is who we truly are.

To change our self-image we simply think about the positive energies, abilities and skills of the phase we are currently in and allow a symbolic image to come into our minds. For every thought there is a corresponding image which may be clear, vague and abstract, or simply a colour. By focusing on this image for a minute every morning and evening within the phase we start to change our internal self-image of who we believe ourselves to be.

To empower this technique further, we can place our hands over our womb as we focus on the image in the pre-ovulation and pre-menstrual phases, and over our heart in the ovulation and menstrual phases. As our internal self-image starts to change, how we react and respond to the world around us changes, and so people and situations in our lives change.

To help support this ‘birthing’ work we can use attention grabbers and intention triggers to build networks in our brain that remind us of who we are in each phase.

As the subconscious works with images, we can help to focus it on what we want to create by using pictures. We can search magazines, card shops and art galleries for images that reflect the positive aspects of each phase, and cut them out to create four montages, one for each phase. Placing the card appropriate to our phase somewhere where it will grab our attention every day will remind us of and reinforce our new positive self-image.

We can also make ‘intention triggers’ - small cards which we carry with us to look at repeatedly throughout the day. They can contain simple messages, single words, or images, to remind us of the positive abilities, energies and skills we have in the phase. We can glance at them on the bus, in a queue, in a traffic jam, on ‘hold’ on the phone, when the computer is powering up or copying big files, when waiting at the school gates, for the kettle to boil, or for the dog to bring the ball back! Surrounding ourselves in a world that focuses our attention on our beautiful, amazing and wonderfully empowering cyclic self brings it into reality for us.

In The Optimized Woman I explore the problem of using affirmations throughout the menstrual cycle, and in the Women’s Wisdom E-course show how to adapt standard affirmation techniques to make them work well for women. I show how to use pre-menstrual and menstrual phases to change ourselves, our past and our lives. Current life and belief change methods may work well for men, but women have a much deeper and more powerful natural method that lies within our cycles each month.

To learn more about your unique Optimum Times and how to use them to create success and well-being sign up for the Optimized Woman Life-coaching online course

If you want to get ahead, get a cycle!

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'The menstrual cycle is the single most powerful self-development and success tool a woman has!'

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