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The Optimized Woman by Miranda gray

The Optimized Woman
Using the menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment. By Miranda Gray

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Make de-cluttering work for you!

We all know that de-cluttering is good for us; it creates space, uncovers things we could sell for extra money, releases the past and makes room for new energies and fresh starts. De-cluttering can be a real chore and often starts at the back of our minds as something we ‘should’ do – I should clear out the basement / garage / the cupboard under the stairs / my wardrobe / under my bed etc.

Taking the first step can be full of feelings of anxiety and resistance:

  • I don’t want to relive the memories associated with the objects.
  • Where do I start in this mess?
  • What am I going to do with the stuff afterwards?
  • It’s going to make everything messier before it’s tidier.
  • I really don’t want the hassle of going to the recycling place, the charity shop, or trying selling it on Ebay.
  • It’s going to take ages; once I’ve cleared I’m going to have to clean.
  • I really hate doing it, it takes so long and the tidiness never lasts so I’ll only have to do it yet again.

All these feelings are a natural part of our reluctance to de-clutter and for many of us they seem insurmountable. We start but get easily distracted reading old magazines rather than putting them in the bin. We decide that the pain of not finding things easily is less than the pain of tidying. Our physical tension associated with doing something we feel we ‘should’ or ‘have’ to do is so strong and uncomfortable we’ll go and do other tasks we don’t like rather than the one we feel we ‘should’!

As women, however, we have a secret stealth weapon when it comes to mobilizing ourselves to de-clutter – the pre-menstrual phase! In my books and courses I call this the ‘Creative’ or ‘Subconscious’ phase which lies between day 20 in the cycle to the first day of menstruation. This is a power-packed phase which can be full of intolerance, impatience, the need to take action and the ability to not only identify the old, useless, outworn, unproductive and problematic but to also  see the obvious solution to the situation or problem. We can find this phase’s abilities and energies negative and difficult or we can use our superpowers for ‘good’ and focus them on our environment as the ultimate de-clutter tool!

In our pre-menstrual phase we have a natural monthly need and ability to create order out of chaos, to review what works and what doesn’t, and to create new space for the energies and opportunities of the month ahead. If we think in terms of a garden in the autumn – we cut back the old growth, clear and compost the leaves, tie up the plants to grow in the way we want them to, pull up the weeds and create space for new plants in the spring. This is exactly what pre-menstrual de-cluttering is all about; clearing out the old and preparing space and order for manifesting new beginnings, opportunities and abundance into our lives.

The wonderful and exciting thing about the pre-menstrual phase is that no pile of mess is too big or too daunting! Our levels of intolerance to mess and disorder are often so high that to tidy and clean can become almost compulsive and we can find ourselves at midnight kneeling on the kitchen floor clearing out the back of the vegetable rack! Next time you find yourself doing a major tidy on your home; check your cycle dates to see what phase you are in. The chances are that you’ll be pre-menstrual.

So, this month plan to use your pre-menstrual phase to de-clutter. Ask yourself where you want tidy and clean. What hasn’t been sorted in months? What gets you the most frustrated when you can’t find it? Now make sure that around cycle day 20 onwards you have rubbish bags and cleaning cloths ready, and warn the family to be prepared. Then go for it girl!!

A word of warning! When de-cluttering keep two piles of items. On one pile put everything you feel 100% certain must go. On the other pile put anything you feel unsure about, and then hide this box until your pre-ovulation or ‘Action’ phase, starting around day 7. Often we can get carried away with the intolerance of the pre-menstrual phase and sometimes need the mental clarity of the Action phase to make sure that we are not throwing the baby out with the bath water!

Motivating yourself to de-clutter will never be a problem again.

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If you want to get ahead, get a cycle!

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'The menstrual cycle is the single most powerful self-development and success tool a woman has!'

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