Optimized Woman: Use you Optimised Abilities each month to create the life, well-being and success you desire!
The menstrual cycle based life-coaching course to create the life you want!
The Optimized Woman

The Optimized Woman by Miranda gray

The Optimized Woman
Using the menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment.

by Miranda Gray

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The Optimized Woman by Miranda gray

The Optimized Woman
Using the menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment. By Miranda Gray

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Optimizedwoman menstrual cycle  e-course



Online course delivery

The course consists of:

  • 7 Modules
  • approx 220+ pages
  • approx 40,000+ words
  • 3 additional diagram sheets for continuous use
  • Phase Response forms
  • Certificate of completion

A unique approach to life-coaching course delivery:

This menstrual cycle based life coaching course for women material tailored to the Optimum Times of the menstrual cycle, which means that delivery of part of the course is determined by your own personal menstrual cycle dates!

On booking you will receive:

Part 1:

  • The Introduction
  • Module 1
  • Module 2

Part 2: The 28-Day plan

The 28-day plan consists of Modules 3, 4, 5, 6, where each module relates to a different phase of your menstrual cycle.

Each module consists of daily information and exercises to be read and completed during a particular phase of your menstrual cycle. This approach enables you to apply the concepts and information given during their Optimum Times. The plan can be adapted for women with longer or shorter cycles.

The optimized WomanThe first module for the 28-day plan will be delivered to you in time for you to start it on Day 7 of your cycle.

It is therefore important you to send the date of your next Day 7 as soon as you know, if you do not already know when booking the course.

Each module contains exercises for you to do and has space for your answers. At the end of each phase you are required to fill in and return a feedback form summarizing some of your experiences and exercise answers. The form will not be marked, but will be the basis of any course mentoring.

Mentoring for the course will be via email. Please note this course does not provide life-coaching but supports you in using the life-coaching abilities in your menstrual cycle - you will become your own life-coach!

NOTE: Many students like to take this part of the course over 2 cycles, reading the information in their first cycle and then completing the exercises in their second cycle.

Part 3: Taking the course into the months ahead

This final module (7) helps you to summarize your experiences from the month, and summarizes the important points about using Optimum Times, setting and achieveing goals and changing the way you think, so you can easily plan action for the months ahead. It also provides a quick 'Hints and tips'.

Online delivery

All modules will be delivered via email as PDF attachments. Each PDf is designed to be printed out and space is allocated in the layout for your answers.

What you will need:

To take the course you will need access to:

  • A computer connected to the internet
  • The ability to email and open Adobe Acrobat PDFs
  • A printer - it does not need to be a colour printer

To use the Response Feedback Form you will need access to Microsft Word. If this is a problem, a printable Response Form can be sent to you.

You may like to check that your internet spam software does not block the emails containing PDF attachments.

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If you want to get ahead, get a cycle!


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'The menstrual cycle is the single most powerful self-development and success tool a woman has!'

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